Choosen by Luchino Visconti
as location for some of the scenes of
“The Leopard” based on the masterpiece
namesake book by Giuseppe
Tomasi di Lampedusa.


The villa

Villa Boscogrande

A casket of timeless charm and elegance.


Villa Boscogrande is a suggestive location, a splendid setting that will make each reception exclusive.

On the top of the majestic stands out the family’s coat of arms. The numerous rooms, the main hall and the ample spaces create a sophisticated and high class setting, a stunning architectural example of the transition period from Barocco to Neoclassicism.

You can admire the original decorations and frescoes of the rooms and hall, as well the old glazed tile pavement with geometrical pattern has been preserved.

The beautiful mediterranean garden with majestic centenarian trees, that you can cherish from the terrace with majolica, offers a warm atmosphere of light.

The traditional vibe of those years has been kept during the  renovation made with a particular attention for these spaces that represent an historical reality.

The charme of the components and the value of the interior make Villa Boscogrande the ideal venue to celebrate special events and commit it to memory thanks to the old Sicilian aristocracy magnificence.

Our history

Villa Boscogrande is an eighteenth-century Villa of the Palermo’s aristocracy. Built up during one of the highest prosperous period as economic, cultural and social centre of the city, where the aristocracy moved from their feuds.

Inspired by the sumptuous Versailles Palace, Villa Boscogrande was built in 1768 in the enchanting area known as “Piana dei Colli” as Palermo’s countryside vacation home.

Villa Boscogrande was developed on a pre-existing court owned by Sammartino’s Family, whose Giovanni Maria Sammartino di Ramondetto has been honoured by Filippo V King of Spain by giving him the title of Duke of Montalbo. Therefore at the beginning the Villa was named after a Montalbo’s Family, when Felicia Montalbo got married to a young rich man from the Boscogrande’s family, it turned its name to Villa Boscogrande.