The kitchen

Taste, Passion and Tradition

Keep the tradition up with the excellence of the ingredients. The traditional Sicilian enogastronomic cuisine blend the constant innovative research with the result of an armonious and unique vibe offered by Villa Boscogrande itself.

Chef Patron Natale Di Maria embrace in his work and in his courses the same elegance and refinement visible in Villa Boscogrande’s delightful setting.

Villa Boscogrande’s staff will help you personalizing your event by virtue of high qualified service, innovative proposal, competence and attention of details. As well as you can choose and personalize your own menu according to your need and desire with our Chef’s support.

Detail’s attention will make your event unforgettable and unique, both in wedding receptions, cocktail party, Gala dinner and Corporate meetings.

The elegant and refined mise en place can be customised according to your theme or desire, our staff will help you choosing between precious table linens and stylish charger plates, while silver utensil and a cordial, attentive and careful service will seal your experience with Villa Boscogrande.